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This is the pizza I have been looking for since I moved to Kent 4 years ago.  The sausage actually tastes like sausage, not some non-descript meat.  In fact all their toppings and cheese is quality.  The crust isn't the best I've had, but its still very good.  The sauce is also great.  Their pizza alone is worth the trip.

They also have excellent sandwiches and appetizers.  Their beef bbq w/ avocados and bacon is absolutely amazing.

I haven't tried their pasta yet, but its also supposed to be pretty good.  Based on the rest of their stuff, I wouldn't be surprised.  All around great place.  You won't be disappointed.


Great lunch spot for some Italian food. The sandwiches here are among the best and the pizza is also very good.

Great sandwiches and salads!

I know other people rave about the pizza or pasta, but this place has sandwiches to die for.     For hot Sandwiches, nothing beats the Chicken Philly, The roll used is firm but not too hard,  Large strips of chicken, with onions and peppers, with melted cheese, makes for a rocking sandwich.  

Another favorite sandwich is the Sausage and Sweet pepper, the Sausage is nice and full with flavor, and the peppers help bring everything out.


In a place like Tukwila/Southcenter where there is very little in the way of great, hole in the wall restaurants (it's mainly chains and fast food in the mall area) Galliano's offers delicious Italian fare at a reasonable price. The two different locations are casual, walk-up-to-the-counter style, but the ambiance is enough to make you want to hang out for a while. Every dish comes with awesome cheese bread, and the portions are generous and tasty. Orders don't take TOO long, but if you are in a lunch rush, I'd say call ahead. Whenever I have someone from out of town over to visit, I take them here for lunch instead of Jack N the Box. They thank me for this.


A surprising Italian oasis in the industrial area of Tukwila north of Southcenter -- and you didn't think there was anything to Tukwila besides the mall, did you? Sandwiches are served on delicious homemade bread, there's a large variety of excellent pastas, and everything is made fresh to order. Highly recommended, though you'll want to give yourself some extra time at lunch -- long lines are to be expected, this is the most popular place you've never heard of.


I was surprised at how nice the place's like fast food Italian, but really good. I've liked everything I've had here...the lasagna is super good though!!
I love this place.. The bread is baked daily, The wait staff is always friendly, The total atmosphere is relaxing and the prices are very afford.


Enjoy Great Italian Food!: I agree with all the comments left below. Galliano's food is very classic, yet unique at the same time. They add elegance to simple meals such as Fettichini Alfredo. I also disagree with the comment left below. Although their staff may appear to be young, I do believe that they handle situations very well, even if it does mean you get your food a little later than expected. Their staff works very well together, and are very hardworking. I've only been to this restaurant a few times, but it was worth writing a review on, and I am most definitely going to go back to eat there.


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Guest: Great Food- Service needs help

We've been here twice and the food has been great both times. Bread is fresh as well as the salads and the pizza is awesome.  We also think the prices are great! 3 beers, 1 pizza and 2 salads for $35!

I just wish the servers were a little better trained, I've worked in upscale restaurants for over 10 years and maybe I appreciate and put a lot of emphesis on the details, but in this economy, you can't afford not to! Also put starter soup and salad on menu, (might increase your sales)

1) Give guests the drink menu (w/ beer) when they sit down, don't make me ask for it! Same with water; we need water!

2)Serve plates w/ pizza, Im not going to eat it off the table! Had to ask for that too!

3)Check back with me before Im done and don't take my plate and silverware and THEN bring me a to go box, how am I suppose to pick up my left overs? Better yet, box it up for ME!

4)remember what I was drinking and make me feel special and I will return.

5)say good bye to me when I leave (again I need to feel special) instead of yapping on your cell phone to your friends!

You have a great location, great food, now you just need some great service that makes people feel special and you'll be good to go. Two friends have told me the same thing; great food, so so service. Feel free to call me for a consultation, I'd be happy to help you implement and upgrade your service. Beth

Sunday, 08 November 2009

Barbara: Great addition to the Plateau

Love this place!  We ate at the Sammamish location last  night and were blown away by the great service and AWESOME food.   Portions were generous and the price was right.  A great addition to the Plateau.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Guest: My Birthday Feast

My choice for my birthday dinner was the new Italian restaurant on the Sammamish Plateau, Galliano's. It was fabulous! The wine was served in the "nice" glasses usually reserved for bottle service which I appreciate since I can't drink a whole bottle of wine. The bread and garlic butter was insanely good. I wish the prices were a little lower but the portion sizes are generous. Service was excellent and the food was delicious. Heavy on the garlic which we love. I miss DC's but I'm a huge fan of Italian food so I'm very happy we finally have a GREAT Italian restaurant in Sammamish! Yay! Please stay forever.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Aps : Finally- a good Italian joint!

We ordered take out today and very glad to say that there is FINALLY a gooooood Italian joint in Sammamish!! The Shrimp Scampi was flavorful and just yummy! The garlic bread was just out of this world! The only disappointment was the creamy red bell pepper soup- which actually did not seem to have any bell pepper at all and tasted more like a fish chowder of sorts! Oh well, it was tasty enough! Smile 


Galliano's is here to stay!! 

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Inga: The Sandwiches are AWESOME!

I've only had their sandwiches (and side salads) so far, but they are fabulous.  The sandwiches are huge, all of the ingredients are fresh and the combos are delicious.  The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is casual and fun.  The Tukwila location has a drive-thr window for take out orders - very handy picking up a big order for work.  I can't wait for my next visit; taking the hubby this weekend!

Friday, 05 June 2009

Ian: Great!

Ive only had a bite of there pasta and it was amazing. The sandwiches are what i get and there simply the best. A must try if your in the neighborhood!Wink

Thursday, 09 April 2009

Debi: I love this place

Great Food !!  I go to the Tukwila location, we have had them cater our holiday party and everything is wonderful.   They also have the best people working for them, they cheer me up and make me smile everytime I walk in. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

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Sunday, 08 February 2009

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